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Master Jet Epson Technology Plotter

Master Jet Epson Technology Plotter

  • 260 ML big capacity ink cartridge
  • Eqyuivalent to 6 pcs 45 cartridges
  • High efficiency, stable and durable
  • Well designed sensor, it's easy to set the machine close to wall
  • Using encoding disk position system, the line is clear and smooth
  • High speed network transmission, with 1-100M cable Connect to a computer or router

Standard Model Technical Parameters

Model B-125-EP B-165-EP B-185-EP
Max print width 125CM 165CM 185CM
Max paper width 130CM 170CM 190CM
Model B-205-EP B-225-EP B-245-EP
Max print width 205CM 225CM 245CM
Max paper Width 210CM 230CM 250CM
Printing speed Double inkjet heads, 95 M2 per hour
Ink capacity 260ML
Langauage format HPGL (special format can be customized)
Resolution 150-600DPI
Inkjet Head EPSON TX 800
Print Quality Clear, smooth, no seams
Nozzle cleaning Automatic
Loading paper Support paper roll with diameter up to 28cm
Feeding system infrared system control, more accurate
Collect & Feed Paper Automatic
Paper type 40g-80g
Hardware interface Network
Power supply 90/264V, 47/66HZ
Operational panel Simple, convenient and durable
Machine Structure Standardized metal structure, high precision and durable
Control center 1. Supprot manual or automatic printing
2. Each computer control the printing process separately
3. Real-time display of print progress
4. Automatic paging
5. Support partial print when power is cut down
||| VS || & | || : 1. Using encoding disk positioning system, the line is clear and smooth
      2. Adopt standardized metal structure, with high precision and high stability

|| & | : 1. Using grating positioning system, the line is dislocated
            2. The print size and output is effected after longtime using