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Auto Marker

Auto Marker

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Mind Cliché is the innovative automatic nesting system capable of perfectly joining standardization and flexibility. This solution can nest patterns developed with Create or other CAD, thanks to direct importers of proprietary formats (MDL Lectra, MDL Algotex, ZIP Gerber, PDS and DSN Optitex, HPGL, ISO, RAM, FK, Autodesk, Investronica and Audaces). Exploiting complex algorithms and new processors calculating speed, Mind Clichè gives the best optimization of the material.

Mind Clichè can also work interactively: the user can place the most important parts leaving the rest of the job to the software which will complete it automatically. The best way to use the automatic nesting is to make a list of nesting to do (work queue) and ordering the program to automatically complete the work . A total autonomy between PC/software and user is so created.

Moreover this powerful platform automatically analyzes overlapped pieces before saving, printing and cutting, has a simple but advanced research tool for every file type, always re-nest pieces and sizes on request, manages irregular shaped pieces with elaborated algorithms.

The Ultra version features multi core systems can increase performance by about 1% to 2% in machines with physical/virtual multiprocessor.

Auto Marker PLUG-IN

  • Shading is a useful plug-in that allows to nest the pieces by step also in vertical
  • By Step is a plug-in that enable the operator to nest piaces by step and by sizes
  • By Type is a plug-in that enable the operator to nest piaces by step and by typology of piece
  • Adhesive is a plug-in that allows auto nesting for panels to be adhesive
  • By Material is a plug-in that allows auto nesting for pieces by material
  • Optiposition is a plug-in that enable the operator to give constraints on pieces, before, during and after the nesting is generated
  • Quality Rules is a plug-in that allows to manage and define specific contour of patterns or to mirror parts of patterns in a specific way
  • Half Rules is a plug-in that manage the rules to combine pieces together for “closed nestings” in order to let save fabric and optimize the nesting

Productivity PLUG-IN

  • Pick up controller: is a plug-in that controls the pick-up area on a digital cutter and let the operator know exactly what has been cut. The pieces will be recognizable both by type or by name.
  • Cutter controller: is the Zund software pilot that allows to control check visually via dashboard what is being cut and will be cut, all the cutting parameters, the cutting speed and the whole workflow.