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Welcome to Plottervalla, where we have been leading the way in the world of technology for more than 15 years. As a part of Onyx Solutions, we are proud to offer the most advanced and innovative products on the market, designed specifically to revolutionize the fashion and apparel industry.

  • Master Jet Apparel Inkjet Cutting Plotter
  • Master Jet Epson Technology Plotter
  • Automatic Spreading Machine
  • Automatic Multiply Fabric Cutting Machine
  • Automatic Single Layer Cutting Machine
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Fahion & Apparel

Made to Measure


Digital Printing






2D 3D CAD for Pattern Making and Grading

Create™ is the Crea Solution 2D CAD Suite to create and modify patterns for fashion industry, fully integrate with 3D CAD Lotta & Vstitcher.

  • Garade sized automatically
  • Design a whole pattern base in only 10 seconds thanks to the macro functions integrated in the CAD
  • Import and work on pattern created by other CADs
  • Accelerate your creative flow
  • Digitize your patterns in 4 different ways
  • Become a Crea CAD expert in ONLY 3 DAYS of training, thanks to the reduction of designing times, designers are able to fully express their creativity.
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Our Products

Software Solutions

Automatic Photo-Digitizer

Don't waste time placing the patterns on a special digitizing surface, fixing them with adhesive tape or other time-wasting methods.
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Pattern Making & Grading

Create is the most advanced new generation system to create and modify pattern models and also to develop sizes.

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V Stitcher is the tool that replaced prototyping in the fashion industry. Thanks to the 2D/3D integration, you get a realistic fit of each garment from your 2D pattern.
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Auto Marker

Mind Cliché is the innovative automatic nesting system capable of perfectly joining standardization and flexibility.

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