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Master Jet Apparel Inkjet Cutting Plotter

Master Jet Apparel Inkjet Cutting Plotter

The unique structure of stand inkjet and cutting plotter that has been obtained utility models and the appearance of the national patent.

The unique intelligent system of double feeding paper, and controled by real time optical sensing circuit makes you save worries.

Servo motor, high accuracy, high speed and more stable performance

Imported high-performance POWER PC processor which could make you enjoy the faster and more stable operation.

High-speed INT network interface which also support the serial port and U disk, compatible with all kinds of CAD software.

Technical Parameter

Model TW-1800PQ
Medium width >130 ~ < 190cm Display Panel LCD display (12 Characters)
Maximum cutting width 160cm Interface Language HP-GL
Collect and feed paper 180cm Communication Interface Network printing / Serial RS-232/ USB Disk
Collect and feed paper Automatically collect and feed paper system CPU AM CPU Processor 32
Ploting paper 60g -120g Maker Paper, CAD drawing paper, Kraft paper Driver Servo moter
Cutting paper 80g-300g Kraft paper Cutting efforts 10-990g
Software resolution 0.025mm/step Knife type Ultra steel, 2mm

Note: All parameters changed whithout notice.