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Capture The Image

V Stitcher is the tool that replaced prototyping in the fashion industry. Thanks to the 2D/3D integration, you get a realistic fit of each garment from your 2D pattern. Pressure into the skin, tension and elasticity of the fabric are simulated in a realistic way. Companies using this software found a 35% reduction in time to market and drastically decreased the production of prototypes.

The 2D/3D integration allows to have immediately a feedback in terms of prototyping the 2D pattern.

Lotta is the 3D solution specifically developed to speed up the design of a single item of clothing or a whole collection. You can access a rich library of customizable base patterns. Personalize them with different cuts, fabrics and details. Fast and intuitive, the software is perfectly integrated with Adobe Illustrator and it allows you to load the necessary textures to get an endless array of variants for every design.

You can create a true-to-life fitting from your 2D pattern with VStitcher only one time and use it to have many different clothes and outfits with Lotta, this accelerate the communication between company areas and with the market itself.

Creafit is the MTM CAD developed to support companies operating in the made to measure/ made to order industry to reduce tailor-made design times. It allows you to simply enter different measurements or totals instead of manually editing every piece of the pattern according to the client’s requests. In just a few clicks, you get a customized pattern without having to manually edit lines, points, rules, and notches. You can customize the range of measurements for each garment. Creafit does not only automate the manufacturing process of a tailor-made garment, but it also takes care of its whole value chain, from the moment in which the item is ordered to when it is delivered.

MTM Projects

The MTM projects done by Crea team are customized for every single client in order to create an automatic process starting from the real needs, nice to have and current workflow of the MTM company. The core of the project is the Net Engine, which is the main collector of all the information from the measurements of the client to the cut of the fabric. This powerful engine is connected with the POS (point of sales) to archive the data and orders of the end clients, with the company ERP, CRM, CUT PLANNER, MRP and CAD systems in order to control the whole workflow and let the creation of the MTM patterns to be done automatically, with the marker and artificial vision system.

This deeply integrated process, that involves many company areas, is based of AI Artificial Intelligence and requires only 120 seconds between the measure of the client in the POS to the cut of the fabric, including vision and auto nesting. This process guarantees maximum productivity ever.